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Gleb Vyacheslavovich Korablev (also known as Gleb Korablev, Gleb Korablyov,), an 18 year old Moscow student from Moscow Lyceum No. 654, committed suicide on October 17, 2019[1] by shooting himself in the temple with a Saiga 12 or a Lynx-12 shotgun, which went viral on popular social media platforms before finally being taken down.[2]This case became notable because of its widespread sharing on social media platforms. The suicide was streamed on the popular russian social media website VK. Many users shared the video on such platforms, but one of the most notable platforms was on Youtube under the channel name "GORE".[3] The video was titled "1444" to make sure the gore video did not get taken down as easily.[4] Some users intentionally posted the video and possibly sought out to scare other people with the video, which may have led to a lot of controversy and debate.

Gleb Vyacheslavovich Korablev
  • Photo of Gleb at his graduation ceremony.

    Photo of Gleb at his graduation ceremony.

Birth: September 13, 2001, Moscow, Russia
Death: October 17, 2019
Occupation: University Student
Resting Place: Kotlyakovsk cemetery

Life and Career[edit]

Gleb went to school at Moscow Lyceum N. 654[5] and did various plays there, such as Ночь в Мадриде and Парижская История. The channel moonwalkers8796 "About" page shows one of the participants in the play as Nikita Vartanov, which further supports this claim.[6] However, all of his plays are in Russian so it may be harder for a viewer of another language to understand what he is saying. Gleb's family has not yet spoken out about the incident which makes it very hard to find any sort of family records. There are claims that Gleb had heart disease through a series of text messages which claim that Gleb had "Cardiac Muscle Desynchronization" and had to have an "Extra blood pumping valve." although these claims may or may not be true and do not have any relevant sources linked to it. It is also said that Gleb's sister spoke out on the suicide telling him not to do it, although there is a lot of speculation behind this.


Gleb Korablev took his own life on October 17, 2019 live on VK. The video in question is labeled "1444" and is deemed to be widespread online.[7] The suspicion of heart disease is not talked about in the video of his suicide. In the video, Gleb is seen leaning down with his hair in the frame. His phone buzzes (most likely to let him know he is streaming) and backs towards his couch. Right before he sits down, he is seen holding his Saiga-12 in his right hand. He sits down, points the Saiga-12 towards his head and says something along the lines of this: Ah, Nikita, If you quickly inform my parents, I'll get you out of this world. Ah, I know you have their number. Okay.. Don't forget. As it was said? Nya, Poka! And proceeds to pull the trigger.[8]. The full video is around 2.5 hours long, but is nowhere to be found on the internet.[9]. There are many theories behind the video. Some claim that the video is actually fake because the crime scene photos and the video in question does not match up, and that his friends were behind the camera, but there is zero evidence to support neither of these claims. It is highly advised that you do not look this up without extreme caution and careful consideration as NSFL (Not Safe For Life) content will pop up.

Viral Spread[edit]

The viral spread of video "1444" spread all over numerous websites, the most notable being TikTok, Youtube, and Reddit. There was a rumor along the video saying that "If you did not comment the date and time you watched the video you would be cursed" which is obviously false.[10] The lack of interest of deleting the video made the video more and more widespread throughout the world, to the point where people could find the video and not even have to look it up. This caused many people to boycott the social media platforms in question. However, many people to this day continue to make edits and mourn over the death of Gleb, as his death is known to be quite tragic.[11]. The events following Gleb's death and the backstory behind it is very cloudy and its quite hard to find any hard evidence following why he did it and who he truly was, since neither his family or the police have spoken out about the issue. Its also very hard to do research on this subject without coming across disturbing and gorey content so references may be hard to find. There are many theories about what happened and the discussion about why he did it is still going on to this day. Thankfully, the content has been deleted off of those social media platforms and can only be accessed through NSFL websites. It is highly advised not to do extensive research on the subject as NSFW content may be found.



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