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Warren County is located in the southern Adirondacks - offering a summer vacation tradition that spans centuries. Discover a variety of year-round attractions and entertainment, from boating around Lake George's multitude of islands in summer to family-friendly alpine skiing in winter. Located just four hours north of New York City - Lake George is a great one-tank trip destination.

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Charming towns and villages throughout the Lake George Area offer a unique blend of the Adirondack Region's rustic heritage with the Gilded Age's elegance. Discover adventure, revel in something new or simply relax amid the stunning natural beauty. Enjoy a multitude of family-friendly attractions and restaurants throughout the region's communities. With more than 300 cafes, bistros, restaurants, and pubs to choose from - you're sure to find something to please each palate.

Outdoor Recreation

In the Lake George Area, the possibilities for adventure are endless. Take a romantic hot air balloon ride over glittering lakes, or fly unfettered on a parasailing excursion. From whitewater rafting on the Hudson River, to a weekend stay at one of several dude ranches - the Lake George Region is a hub for Adirondack adventure. Road and mountain bikers will find several designated cycling trails and centers, including Warren County Bikeway and the Gurney Lane Mountain Bike Park. Gore Mountain offers summer and fall Downhill Mountain biking with more than 1,700 feet of vertical.

Several fishing charter services can be found in the Lake George Area, providing guided expeditions to fishing hot spots. Fish for landlocked Salmon, Lake Trout and Small Mouth Bass with an expert guide or simply head out on your own and cast a line.

Home to nine scenic golf courses, the region features luxuriously manicured fairways and greens at challenging courses and family-friendly clubs. The Queensbury Country Club offers a championship golf experience, while the 1,000 Acres Golf Club is perfect for beginner and experienced golfers alike. After a game of golf, spend your day navigating an evergreen canopy at Adirondack Extreme Adventure Course, or simply marvel at one of the many treasures on display in the Hyde Collection.

In the colder seasons, the region is transformed by snow andwinter activitiesare plentiful. Gore Mountain Ski Center offers family-friendly alpine terrain and ski lessons, and nearby West Mountain is perfect for a leisurely afternoon on the slopes or night skiing. After a third round of golf, enjoy special holiday events, such as Adirondack Winter Carnivals, as well as snowshoeing, snow-tubing, sledding, ice-skating and horseback riding throughout the winter season.

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Scenic Hiking Trails around Lake George

In the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains around Lake George, explore nature trails, enjoy scenic walks and even go rock climbing. From the Lake George Wild Forest's vast trail system, to a leisurely stroll along Glens Falls' historic Feeder Canal Towpath Trail - theLake George Areaoffers great hikingfor any skill level.

Popular Trails

    Lake George Area Culture

    The Lake George Area has inspired artists, poets, and composers for centuries. From Georgia O'Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz to contemporary performers and playwrights - the region is both a haven and a muse for creative minds. The Adirondack Theatre Festival in Glens Falls is just one of manyannual events in Lake George, offering a wide range of performances each year - covering many subjects and mediums. Nearby, The Hyde Collection is home to a collection of European and Adirondack treasures, opening each season with a new exhibition.

    The World Awareness Children's Museum in Glens Falls is one of the most unique centers of its kind in New York State - offering interactive exhibitions, youth and family programs, as well as community outreach through the arts. Nearby, the Adirondack Folk School in Lake Luzerne continues the Adirondack crafts tradition, offering workshops, lectures, concerts and special programs to inspire a new generation of artisans. Learn how to make traditional north woods twig furniture, pack baskets and Adirondack Chairs, or attend a special evening lecture and learn more about Adirondack heritage arts and crafts. Tourgalleries located throughout the Lake George Area, each displaying the impressive works of local artists from a variety of genres.

    Can't Miss Lake George Events

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    Top Lake George Attractions

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    Visit the Lake George Area

    Lake George Area | Official Adirondack Region Website (2024)
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