31 December


Sikeres Magyar részvétel a 2022-es Sydney Hobart-on. A 100%-ban Magyar legénység a kiemelkedő, összetett 29. helyen vitte be a 68 lábas CASSIOPEIA-t a Tasmánia-i befutón. Gratulálunk a legénységnek: Nobilis Kristóf, Nobilis Demeter, Nobilis Ágoston, Perényi Péter, Sipos Ágoston, Sipos Bálint, Vándor Róbert, Weöres Szabolcs, Újhelyi-Gáspár Miklós. Teljesítményüket NORTH SAILS 3Di Endurance vitorlák is segítették. SYDNEY HOBART - 2022 - HUN 68 - CASSIOPEIA (2) SYDNEY HOBART - 2022 - HUN 68 - CASSIOPEIA (3) SYDNEY HOBART - 2022 - HUN 68 - CASSIOPEIA (4)




08 August


Upcoming Regatta Repair ScheduleNorth Sails Certified Service Experts will repair your sails overnight. Our Service van is on-site at select events, offering regatta venue pick-up and drop-off. Tears happen, but they shouldn’t leave you without a key piece of race inventory. Look for our North Sails Certified Service Experts at the following regattas this season. *All pickups will be 4:30-5:30pm and drop offs will be 7:30-8:00am.NYYC ANNUAL REGATTAJune 9-10 | Sail Newport, The Alofsin PiersBLOCK ISLAND RACE WEEKJune 17-22 | Block Island Maritime CenterSAIL NEWPORT REGATTAJuly 8 | Sail Newport, The Alofsin PiersORC ECC / IC37 NATIONALSJuly 14-15 | The Alofsin Piers12M WORLDSAugust 1-4 | IYRS PierSAFE HARBOR RACE WEEKENDAugust 11-13 | Safe Harbor Newport Shipyard PickupNYYC INVITATIONALSeptember 9-16 | New York Yacht Club Harbor CourtIC37 NORTH AMERICANSOctober 6-7 | Sail Newport, The Alofsin PiersTalk To A Service Expert


23 May


North Sails-powered TP52 Crush is victorious in the 700 nautical mile Fremantle to Exmouth Race. David Davenport’s North Sails powered TP52 Crush has added a third race record to their long list of achievements in 2023, with the latest line honors win taken in the Fremantle Exmouth Race and Rally along Australia’s iconic western coast. North Sails Expert Andrew Harry commended the team’s efforts in the complicated race, “it was a great race for a lot of our clients. It’s the first time that the boat has done this race, and they add another race record to their names.” “Previously this year, they set a new record for the Bunbury return, which is 180nm, and the Cape Naturaliste and Return race which is 210nm, so three race records this year for the team, and all have been standing for quite some time. They won IRC overall in the race as well, which is part of our Bluewater Pointscore and secured the overall win for them this year in the series, so it’s a great win for the guys.” There was another win for North Sails customers in the long-distance race, with Alan Stein winning both the Overall PHF and Division 1 titles in his Pogo 40 called Fat Bottom Girl. “North Sails Expert Kyle Dodds onboard with Alan for the race, as he used to work in the Perth loft and sail with him before moving over to Sydney.” Andrew highlighted the development the team has worked with Alan on recently, saying, “Just three months ago, we put new sails on the boat, including all new 3Di inventory, and it really has transformed the boat. Alan’s really loving the sailing, and in this race, he won PHF, and he was fourth across the line as well. He’s stoked and really happy with the boat’s progress!” Unfortunately for Andrew and the crew on Obsession, they weren’t able to finish the race to Exmouth. “It wasn't the greatest for us, we got 100 nautical miles in and in a bare headed change, the breeze increased to about 35kts and we destroyed our headfoil, so therefore it gave the rig a bit of a shake, so we had to turn around. But the team and I all made our way up to Exmouth so we’re all here to support the rest of the fleet as they come in!” commented Andrew. “The first six hours of the race was really fresh, with easterly breezes between 18 to 38 knots, giving the fleet great power reaching conditions straight up the coast. As they got further north, there were a lot of shutdowns in the breeze, and it got a little trickier and more complex tactically. There was some great sailing going on out there, and everyone had fun with a big smile on their face as they arrived, so all in all, a successful race!” “It’s a great race. It's only the third time it’s been run, so over the last 30 years, it’s typically a long-distance race with a 1500nm around Bali, but as things changed over the past few years, it got moved to the beautiful Exmouth.” See full results from the 2023 Fremantle to Exmouth Race and Rally here. READ MORE


23 May


Fun For Sailors Of All AgesThe Dutch Shoe Marathon is almost a 5-mile race, a long-distance race in the world of 8-foot dinghies. The race starts in between San Diego and Southwestern Yacht Clubs and finishes at the Coronado Yacht Club. Every year almost 200 jr and sr. sailors come to race this fun race. For most of the Jr. sailors ,this will be a challenging and difficult race to complete. We asked rockstar coach Jon Rogers and last year's winner Ronan Servais for some tips.How do you help prepare competitors for a race like the Dutch Shoe?It's a long race. The first thing I do is to remember that it is as much an experience as it is a race. I triple check everything during the week before to try and ensure nothing breaks. I also check the weather forecast and tide so that I know what point of sail I will be on mostly on.Why do you like the T6 mainsail?The T6 is a good sail to cover all the conditions that we experience. It is especially good in events that have lots of boats and the related disrupted wind and chop that come with that. The T5 is a great sail, especially for smaller kids, but once the conditions get chopped up, the T-6 has a little more power to deal with it.What is your advice for fuelling up for such a long journey?I always remind competitors to bring a good amount of food, snacks and something good to drink. It can be a long race and all those little “pick me ups” help keep the mind focused. I tell kids to always bring something sweet that they really like. For me, it’s a frozen Snicker bar. Previous 2022 Dutch Shoe Winner Ronan Servais shares his tips on how to prepare for the race and what he likes most about the North T6 mainsail.How do you prepare for a race like the Dutch Shoe? It's a long race!It's a long race, so I get my snacks, fill up my water bottle and make sure my boat is ready to go. Last year my Dad and I reviewed my boat checklist the week before, which included a trip to North Sails, to inspect and pick up my new T6. I also suggest trying to get a good night's sleep and eat a big, healthy breakfast.Why do you like the T6 mainsail?I like the T6 mainsail because I go really fast with it. I have two hiking straps in my sabot so I can hike out farther and handle the power of the T6.Do you bring any snacks with you for such a long journey?Yes. I like cookies, candy bars and root beer.What are your sabot sailing goals in 2023?My sabot sailing goals for 2023 are to move up to Sabot A Fleet, and get a podium finish in an A fleet regatta. I’d also like to compete in the Dick Sweet Team Race for the first time with my SDYC teammates.What are your future goals in sailing?I’d like to learn to sail the C420 very well and then win a regatta in the Class.Stop by the Dutch Shoe Marathon this year at San Diego Yacht Club where you can enter to win a North Sails Pace SUP. Must be present to win. The winner will be drawn and announced at the awards ceremony on July 21st, 2023 at Coronado Yacht Club. Don’t forget, order now and save 15% on Sabot sails plus have your new sail delivered before the Shoe!READ MORE





What happened in the Sydney to Hobart tragedy? ›

The storm cut through the fleet, resulting in the drowning of six sailors (from New South Wales, Tasmania and Britain). Seven yachts were abandoned at sea and lost. Thirty civil and military aircraft took part in the rescue operation of 55 sailors from 12 impacted yachts.

What is the oldest boat in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race? ›

Maluka was built in 1932 from Tasmanian Huon pine and is the oldest boat in the fleet. Gaff-rigged, she was rebuilt by Noakes head, Sean Langman, and contested her first Rolex Sydney Hobart in 2006.

What is the smallest boat in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race? ›

Maluka is the oldest and smallest boat in the race.

When was the worst year for the Sydney to Hobart yacht race? ›

The first time Charles Devanneaux heard about the Sydney to Hobart was via a first-hand account of the notorious 1998 edition. A close friend had sailed in the worst conditions of the event's history, which left six dead and 55 plucked from the sea.

How many people have died during Sydney to Hobart? ›

A total of nine sailors have drowned, with the worst year by far 1998, when in exceptionally rough weather, six sailors died. But there are sailors for whom the Sydney-Hobart is an integral part of their life. Sixty yachtsmen have sailed in 25 or more races.

How high were the waves in the Sydney to Hobart disaster? ›

Most of the fleet reported that they endured the most severe conditions for at least four hours, so according to the wave model, it would not be unusual for individual waves of over 15 m to be encountered. In fact, the average maximum wave height reported by the fleet was 14 m.

What is the prize money for Sydney to Hobart yacht? ›

What is the prize for Sydney to Hobart? There's no prize money – just trophies. Here's the two main ones: JH Illingworth Challenge Cup: This is for the line honours winner – which is the first boat to cross the finish line.

When did the last boat sink in the boat race? ›

There have been several sinkings over the years, with both crews ending up in the water in 1912. The most recent took place in 1984 when the Cambridge men's crew hit a barge before the race had even started! But it's not just the boats sinking that can stop the race.

Who owns Comanche now? ›

Jim Cooney, best known as the owner of Brindabella and Maserati purchased LDV Comanche in December with his wife, Samantha Grant, and will skipper her in this year's race.

How fast do Sydney to Hobart boats go? ›

We reach boat speeds exceeding 30 knots – you can get washed down the deck, so you've got to be able to hang on. Andoo Comanche remains a favourite after taking line honours in the 2022 Sydney to Hobart yacht race.

What size yacht can you sail with day skipper? ›

But what exactly does RYA Day Skipper allow you to do, and what can a Day Skipper do once qualified. RYA Day Skipper allows you to charter a yacht, as once qualified, it shows you can competently manage a 30 to 45 foot sail cruising yacht and its crew in familiar waters during daylight hours.

What is the largest yacht that doesn't need crew? ›

The Princess Y78 that Nick tours in this video is a great example and could be considered that largest boat that you can run without any kind of professional help. It would take a very experienced owner-operator to run one of these, though, as the Y78 is a serious piece of machinery.

Did Winston Churchill have a yacht? ›

The Churchill Centre quickly moved to investigate the story knowing that Churchill never owned a yacht in his life. All versions of the story report that the 127-foot boat was built by Thornycroft Shipyard in 1936 to Churchill's own specifications and features and on-board bar that he personally ordered.

Who has sailed the most Sydney to Hobart? ›

  • Tony Cable holds the record for the most number of Sydney Hobarts (53 in 2019)
  • Ian 'Barney' Walker, Peter Fletcher, Gavin Gourlay, Robert Moore and Peter Inchbold receiving their 25 year medallions at the official prizegiving of the 2011 Rolex Sydney Hobart.

What is the most famous yacht race in the world? ›

The America's Cup was established in 1851. This is the oldest, and arguably the most prestigious, event in yacht racing. Participants are restricted to a measurement formula for the boats, and the rules concerning this formula have been controversial since the beginning.

What happened to Huntress Sydney to Hobart? ›

Key points: After starting in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race on Boxing Day, Huntress lost a rudder, was abandoned before drifting on to a remote Tasmanian beach. The yacht was salvaged on Sunday — but the local Aboriginal land council said it was entitled to a claim over the yacht for being on their land.

What happened to Wild Oats 11? ›

Wild Oats XI unusually retired from the past two Sydney Hobarts, when early on, her main split in half in 2015, leaving the gate open for Comanche. In 2016, hydraulic ram failure on the morning of Dec. 27 was her downfall.

What happened to Scallywag Sydney to Hobart? ›

Broken bowsprit forces Scallywag to retire from the 2023 Sydney Hobart Race. Sad news and naturally the campaign is devastated. The new rig, stepped further aft than its predecessor, and with ample rake certainly had the boat moving well. Mercifully everyone on board is well.

What was the penalty turn in Sydney to Hobart? ›

Race officials have confirmed Scallywag completed a 720-degree penalty turn off the coast of Bondi Beach, to avoid a possible time penalty at the end of the race. Reigning line honours champion and 2023 favourite Andoo Comanche lodged an early protest, accusing Scallywag of tacking too close to her.

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