What Charger does iPhone 15 Use? What You Need to Know about the iPhone 15 Charger? (2024)

Most significant change for the iPhone 15? Huge: ditching the Apple-proprietary Lightning port for USB-C. That, of course, raises lots of questions: what charger does iPhone 15 use, and how do you choose the suitable USB-C charger? This article educates on an iPhone 15 charge.

What Charger does iPhone 15 Use?

Apple has decided to use a USB-C charge on the iPhone 15 instead of the current lightning port used in the iPhone. That means a USB-C-compatible charger will now be needed to power and charge its battery.
This will translate to the fact that any USB-C wall charger or power adapter can be hooked up to iPhone 15 charging ports for wired charging. In addition, you will need USB-C to USB-C charging cables to hook up any charger to your iPhone 15.

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Why Does iPhone 15 Want to Format USB-C?

Making room for the regulatory mandates

The most important reason is that it will comply with new EU regulations that all new mobiles sold in Europe must comply with USB-C charger adoption by late 2024. As the significant market share for the iPhone lies in Europe, Apple has to shift to USB-C to be still able to sell iPhones in Europe legally.

Speeds of Wired Charging Are Fast Enough

With USB-C, Apple can implement dramatically faster-wired charging speeds, unlike the old Lightning ports. Rumors have it that the iPhone 15 Pro models are going to take up a 30W fast charge, and this will take up to 50% faster with the new speed.

Become moreDurable

The USB-C port is much more durable compared to the Lightning. Tests show that the USB-C port can withstand over 10,000 cycles of bending before being damaged, as opposed to Lightning's 6,000 bends. That makes USB-C-equipped phones less prone to the problem of a broken port over time and during use.

More Accessory Adoption

Its switch to the prevalent USB-C standard, from the previous proprietary Lightning standard, will let iPhone 15 users leverage their existing third-party USB-C accessories. This ranges from chargers, cables, and battery packs and headphones. USB-C accessories are standard.

In a word, the move to USB-C charging means faster charge times, more robust connectors, and much better compatibility with accessories, besides EU law forcing it. It's just a better experience that iPhone owners can hope to realize.

What is the USB-C charging speed of the iPhone 15?

30 W peak charging speeds for the iPhone 15 Pro

Going further, the top-end iPhone 15 Pro models support as much as 30W of wired USB-C charging. That is a significant 50% bump from the 20W maximum draw in iPhone 14 Pro devices.With the iPhone 15 Pro's 30W quick charge support, be ready to charge up your battery from 0% to about 50% in just 30 minutes and up to about 80% within an hour—a far cry from old iPhones.

20W USB-C for iPhone Charging 15

The regular iPhone 15 won't receive 30W charging capabilities. Considering the prices, it's likely that the regular models for the iPhone 15 will max at 20W USB-C charging speeds, the same as the iPhone 14 top speeds.

How to Choose the Best iPhone 15 USB C Charger?

While choosing a decent USB-C charger, it will work best for your iPhone 15. Thosethree critical considerations are Wattage, Cable Quality, and Portability. Let's talk through them.


USB-C power output directly affects charging speeds. Word on the street is that the iPhone 15 Pro could support up to 30W charging. For fast charging, then, you'll want a 30W-plus output USB-C charger, such as one of the many great iPhone chargers from Ugreen. Most 30W-plus chargers are satisfied as well.

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More watts mean much faster charging speeds for iPhone 15 through USB-C. Get 50% battery in just 30 minutes, which is crucial to top off your iPhone 15 during a brief session.

Cable Quality

One of the most critical factors regarding durability and charging performance is the connecting USB-C cable. At such a high level of quality, the USB-C cables under the Ugreen brand have reinforced connectors and copper wiring that is tolerant of over 20,000 bends without damage while ensuring stable and efficient power transfer for fast charging your iPhone 15.

Cheap cables destroy and ruin charging speeds. This USB-C cord connecting the charger to the iPhone 15 carries power, so invest in quality!


Slim portable USB-C power banks need to provide a good balance between weight and capacity if charging on the go is something you value. A 20,000 mAh power bank from UGREEN could charge the iPhone 15 multiple times over and still be pocketable.

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Key features to compare include battery capacity, for more recharges, and power output. This portable charger ensures that the iPhone 15 is charged efficiently from anywhere with a 20W+ output. Also vital for portable use are durable premium builds.

Do you want to charge your iPhone 15 wirelessly?

Apple's iPhone 15 models are now rumored to continue to use Qi-standard wireless charging; hence, it can still be charged wirelessly instead of a Lightning cable. And, if you had invested in prior Qi wireless chargers for old iPhone models, you are in for a treat because these will work with the iPhone 15 as well.

Wireless charging stands offer tangible benefits over wired charging methods. You simply place your iPhone on the wireless charging pad, rather than needing to plug in a cable every time. This promotes convenience while reducing port wear and tear over long term usage. Premium glass and aluminum wireless chargers also accent home/office desktops nicely. When choosing a wireless charger for iPhone, look for features like fast charging support, multiple coil designs for easy alignment, and reliable brands like UGREEN.

However, wireless charging is still behind the fastest wired USB-C charging on the iPhone 15. The new iPhone wireless charging peaks only at 15W, while the maximum possible speed of a wired charge that will reportedly be available for the iPhone 15 Pro is 30W. Still, wireless charging can do a 50% charge in around an hour, which may be fine for overnight top-offs.

Note also that wireless charging efficiency falls off a cliff if your iPhone 15 is not aligned correctly over the charging coils or you place thick cases in between. The efficiency can drop this way to be the cause of substantial excess heat or a charge that is extremely slow. Qi chargers also emit electromagnetic waves during operation, so you should avoid keeping charged iPhones too close to you.

All in all, wireless charging now comes with the added placement flexibility and reduces cable wear for iPhone 15 users. But, for all those advantages, the USB-C charging is still quicker. Make the most of wireless charging for convenient overnight replenishment, having those rapid USB-C replenishment speeds available for more impromptu daytime discharges!


This is an exciting change that Apple has made with USB-C charging in the iPhone 15 because it's going to be faster in speed and more compatible with all of the other accessories. In picking a portable charger for your iPhone 15, consider considerations like wattage and portability. Don't neglect to research wireless options to charge conveniently.

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FAQ about what charger does iphone 15 use

Is iPhone 15 time-consuming to charge?

With a USB-C wired or wireless charger of appropriate wattage, you get an iPhone 15 model from 0 to 50% in about 30 minutes. A full charge takes more than an hour. Faster than past iPhones!

Will iPhone 15 support the old iPhone chargers?

No, the old USB-A and Lightning chargers will work with the iPhone 15 through its USB-C port. The old chargers will not interface in physical form. You have to buy new USB-C chargers.

Will iPhone 15 come with a charger in the box?

Most likely not. If you got an iPhone 12, then Apple has stopped giving wall chargers with their iPhones for the sake of the environment. You would need to purchase an appropriate USB-C iPhone charger separately.

Can I charge my iPhone 15 with a laptop or computer?

Charging my iPhone 15 is possible even with a laptop or computer with a USB-C port. However, the current capacity will be much lower than a dedicated USB-C charger.

Can I use any USB-C charger with my iPhone 15?

Most USB-C chargers should work with the iPhone 15, but it is always better to go with a brand known for its quality—say, UGREEN. This charger outputs at least 20W of power for fast charging.

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What Charger does iPhone 15 Use? What You Need to Know about the iPhone 15 Charger? (2024)
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